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One Spirit Family Massage & Yoga

Dissolve Your Stress, Calm Your Mind, Restore Your Spirit.




​The Benefits of Massage:

​Massage is proven to reduce stress and relieve muscle tightness.
Built up waste products and toxins from overworked muscles are flushed out during a massage.
Strains, sprains and old recurring injuries leading to chronic pain can be healed by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation.
Joint movement is increased by freeing restricted muscles, joints and connective tissues.
Massage can bring relief and provide you with more energy by releasing tension and healing injuries.

Yoga Therapy



Private Yoga Therapy

​There is no better way to learn and practice yoga than with one-on-one instruction.  This is an opportunity to focus on yourself and your body's individual needs.  If you would benefit from more relaxation, letting go of tension, to open, expand, stretch and release all those tight muscles in your body, then a private session is for you! 

Nancy is currently studying to become a Yoga Therapist.  This form of therapy allows her to provide rehabilitation and transformation to the body where old and new injuries need healing.  This is a wholistic approach, taking the entire body into account to restore balance, symmetry and well-being.

Yoga Classes


One Spirit Yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga which focuses on your breath, strength, and relaxation. The alignment of the poses are adapted to meet the needs of each individual student.  These yoga classes provide the opportunity to unfold your inner body wisdom, and to express and connect to your true essence.